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How do I get to the top of Google?  
It's not as tough as you might think.  It comes down to two things... Content  and credibility.  

By improving the content of your web pages, you teach the world something.  Think of it as becoming the world authority on your subject, your keywords, your business.  The difficult thing for some people is the ability to give up your hard earned knowledge and experience and make it available to the Internet.  I loved the book "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis.  We learn from his book that one of the secrets to Google's success is the fact that Google has given away it's services for free and yet makes a tremendous profit.  They have given and given and given to society and have become something we can't live without, like cell phones and electricity.  Now  Google has become something like the nervous system of the Internet, vital to our  life.  Now nothing could  
Credibility seems equally important.  What good is your information, if it is not credible information? Generally information is deemed credible when more and more web sites link to it.   Getting  (or making ) links to your site is the key to credibility.   Wikipedia has been a pioneer in the area of credibility issue.  Wikipedia articles (with thousands of links to them) are written by the people and corrected by the people and have survived the test of time.  Google's algorithms will always reward sincerity and valid content (even if it's from a non expert) with higher rankings.  You almost always see a Wikipedia entry  near the top search results for what ever you type in Google, so take note to emulate Wikipedia to some extent in your site.  That's what the search engines want, that's what we want, content and credibility,


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