digital marketing

"The path to success is to take massive, determined actions"
-Tony Robins

Jan 1, 2019

Do the right work

It takes a lot of work to build websites and YouTube communities. Attention to detail, quality content, information that's useful and easy to find... these are some of the things we value. The great thing about working hard on the RIGHT THINGS, is that it pays you back over and over again.

Jan 1, 2019

see through the clouds

Genchi Genbutsu (現地現物) means "Go and See” Is a core principal in the Toyota way. Don't you hate it when your boss is complaining about something like it's all your fault... Then he finally does what you've been asking him to do and HE LOOKS AT THE JOB. He says "Oh, why didn't you tell me" There are many data points that all of us miss every minute of the day. So I like the analogy for the planet Venus. It's a hot a violent place for any human or machine, and it's also clouded over completely. We can't see the surface unless we use equipment like RADAR etc. Some things you will never know without digging deep and finding meaning in the data.

Even "gut feeling" may not be as good as actual data or artificial intelligence (A.I.)

Jan 1, 2019

Test your products

One excellent way to test an idea is A/B test pages. Basically you make 2 different web pages (or magazine covers, or anything) and you let Google give you the feedback on which has more clicks or attention. Google is well known for testing button colors with the most subtle difference, but it is able to find the most profitable colors or call to action.

January 1, 2019

Go with confidence

Wouldn't it be great to produce articles of 1 to 4 thousand words, of very high quality content AND SEE PROFITABLE RESULTS? If you are not a writer, then hire one to produce the expert content you need on your website. Search engines just want helpful, easy to navigate content.