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Free Tips:
There are millions of dollars waiting to be made by the companies on top of  search engine results.  Like I said, it's easy.  

Tip #1:  GOOGLE LOCAL if you are a business, then you MUST add yourself here.  Just Do It! (Nike) and "Do it now!" (Spencer Kimball).  How can you be at the top of Google if you are not listed or current on Google?

Tip #2:  Add yourself to Yahoo Local,,,,, etc.  Do as many of these sites as you can find, and do them in the order of dominance for your  keywords.  Why?  Because these are all related content to your business.  This one idea can add a hundred legitimate and credible links......  how much is that worth in new business?

Tip #3:  Make sure your site emphasizes the keywords people type to find your business.   

Examples of Success:
If  you type "Welding Las Vegas"  you will see impressive results for my company "Certified Welding".  If you type "Hot Wet Tapping"  you see impressive results for "American Piping Services" a customer of mine.  The same goes for "Steel Las Vegas"  Win the battle over keywords and you will make more money in your business.  Would you say these words are now worth money?